Kabali: When Censor Board members whistled & clapped!

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Chennai, July 13: With the Kabali film now confirmed for release on July 22, the media, which had been putting reports on the film almost daily, is now expected to come up with things on a hourly basis.

Fortunately, film reporting, much like political reporting, has reached the level where it need not be bothered with being factual at all. “Kabali to hit the screens in the last week of March”. “Confirmed: TN cinema halls to screen Kabali  mid-April”.  “Kabali to be summer holiday blockbuster”. “It is official: Kabali set for world-wide release in June”. And the inevitable: “When is Kabali releasing: The inside scoop”  These are just a sample of some of the actual headlines in serious-minded publications and news outlets.

As you can see, whenever there has been a free space in news columns, which is daily, publications have basically run some random Kabali news story. And now in the last lap to the movie’s release, there is a demand for more. So to help all those desperate media outlets, we at Crank’s News have come up with some nuggets of information on Kabali that they can feel free to use. We guarantee you that this report is no more truer than anything the news organisations have reported so far on Kabali. We have also taken pains to retain the same language that they typically use to churn out their reports.

Here they are:

Censor Board officials whistled at Rajni intro scene

It is not every day that Censor Board Members whistle and clap for scenes in the film that they view for giving certificates. But Kabali is not an every-day film. The film, which has been Censored and passed with an ‘U’ certificate, has had some officials clapping and whistling, proving yet again that when it comes to Thalaivar every one is a fan.

A source, who was at the screening for Censor Board members, told us that things were normal to start off. “But when Rajnikanth was introduced on screen, a couple of members couldn’t control themselves began whistling and clapping vociferously. It was most spontaneous”. This is the true power of Rajni’s stardom, the source gushed further.

Asked how the film was and whether the story suited the Super Star, the source smiled and said that this was the first time someone asked for the story in a Rajni movie. “We will still don’t know the story of Lingaa, more than a year of its release, and you now want to what the story of Kabali even before its release,” the source quipped.

Rajni a hero to villain Nambiar family

Rajnikanth’s faux imitation of Nambiar, which was seen and widely appreciated in Kabali‘s trailer, has an interesting back story to it. A little bird in the unit chirps that when director Ranjith explained the scene to the Super Star, the latter after listening patiently, asked whether they can shoot the scene a few days later.  Ranjith didn’t know why Rajni wanted time even though the scene was a simple one.

It turns out that Rajnikanth, the gentleman that he is, before he shot the scene called up the family members of Nambiar and asked them whether they would have any problem with him imitating the late actor in his film. The family members, as it happened, were floored by Rajni’s grace and simplicity and they said that it would be a privilege for them if Rajni imitated Nambiar on screen. “It will be a honour and tribute for Nambiar,” they said.

Needless to say, the screen villain’s family sees Rajni as their hero.

Rajni, Radhika & Marathi manoos

Guess who is the biggest fan of Rajnikanth these days? Well, it turns out his on-screen pair in Kabali, Radhika Apte, is the smitten one.

Radhika Apte, for whom Tamil is not the mother tongue, had trouble in understanding certain dialogues that director Ranjith taught her. Even as she was struggling with them, the unassuming Super Star came to her rescue by explaining them to her in Marathi. Rajni, a Marathi by birth, still retains his touch with the language despite being away from it all for decades now.

Radhika, no doubt, can’t stop talking about Rajni’s prowess with the language. ‘This goes beyond Marathi manoos. This is warm humanness,’ the actress further says with unconcealed admiration.

The secret of Thala briyani is Thalaivar

It is well-known in Tamil film industry that the best thing that actor Ajith does is cooking. Especially briyani. The eternal charmer of Tamil film industry, Ajith makes it a point to serve chicken briyani to everyone, including committed vegans, in the sets during the shoot. So much so, Zomato is planning to include him in their listing.

Anyway, it turns out that the secret ingredient of Ajith’s briyani is a secret passed on by Rajni. Of course, since it is a secret nobody else knows it. That Thalaivar and Thala are on the same page on briyani is expected to bring the two sets of fans on the same page in social media platforms.