Breaking: All details on Rajini-Ranjith’s new film* (*full speculation)

Chennai, Aug 31: The announcement of Rajinikanth’s new film, under the production of his son-in-law Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films and to be directed by Pa Ranjith who handled Kabali, has surprised many.

We at Crank’s News bring you the film’s full details by completely making them up, which is now a fully-accepted journalistic practice. That is because nobody takes mainstream media, including large sections of within mainstream media, seriously. Even Dhanush chose to announce the film on social media, probably knowing full well that the only thing that mainstream media covers these days is social media.

In the coming days there will be plenty of speculation on Rajini’s new film, offering a huge change from what we have been doing so far, which was to speculate on Rajini’s previous movie Kabali. The thing to note is we have been speculating on Kabali even after its release.

But here we go on the new one:


What made Rajinikanth opt yet again for Ranjith, especially when it was rumoured that the latter was committed to do a film with Vijay (The film with Vijay itself seemed to be a backup rumour as earlier it was suggested that he was set to direct Surya)?

Sources close to the development say all the three, Rajini, Ranjith and Dhanush, had reasons to feel surprised at the deal clinched. When Dhanush wanted to do a film with Rajini, he didn’t know it would be offered to Ranjith. When Ranjith agreed to direct Rajini again, he had no idea that the film was to be produced by Dhanush. And when Rajini broke the news to the duo, he had no clue that it would be out within seconds on the social media. ‘In the event, all the three had reasons to feel surprised,’ said the usual sources on usual conditions of usual anonymity.

The reason why Rajini picked Ranjith again was because the Superstar, like everybody else, wanted his next movie to be directed by anyone who is not named K S Ravikumar. Since Ranjith fulfilled this criteria, his choice became a shoo-in,


It is quite possible that Ranjith himself has not quite written the film’s full story yet. But as a responsible media outlet we feel that this small detail should not hold us back from making guesses and then writing with authoritative gusto about the same.

Sources that are always in the know confirm that the film’s story will yet again have a lot of Dalit symbolism that the bulk of the population would not get (because they have been mostly schooled on S P Muthuraman and P Vasu types). ‘It has come to a stage where Ranjith, even if he were to make a movie on Michael Phelps, it would be seen to have pointed references to the issues of the under-privileged. This new film with Rajini is going to be no different,’ the sources said.

The sources also added that the story will have Rajini playing a character that would be described as ‘powerful’. This would be true even if Rajinikanth were to play the role of the guy who finished last in a 400m medley heat involving Michael Phelps.

So there: the story will have lot of veiled references to the oppressed classes struggle with Rajini playing a strong leader who galvanises whatever that he is supposed to galvanise.


A Rajini film heroine is a coveted slot as whoever who has played the heroine usually has gone to speak how simple is Rajni on the sets. As far as the actual character in the movie goes, she, like the Governors in States, will have very little to do of worth. But from Aishwarya Rai to Radhika Apte to Amy Jackson, they would all sound as if they were doing an Oscar-award winning movie under James Cameroon.

Sources say that the film unit has cast the net wide for a suitable actress to pair opposite Rajini. ‘If you are anyway going to make a guess, Anushka Sharma is a good name to guess,’ the sources said and added that Virat Kohli is a big thalaivar fan.

Stating that the film’s villain is expected to be a huge surprise, the sources said ‘you should not rule out the possibility of an unexpected star, even if he were long dead, playing it.’

Location and Looks

One of the strong points of Kabali was that it was realistically located in Malaysia, much of which was created as a set here in Chennai.

Ranjith and his team, sources keenly pointed out, are already on the look out for locations and once it is zeroed in on, the entire cast and crew is expected to get down to work at wherever they choose to create a replica of it.

For this new film, Rajniknath is expected to sport a fresh and never-before-seen look, which of course means he would sport a fresh and never-before-seen wig, the sources concluded, leaving the film’s music director, other technicians and release date to be matters to be guessed on another day.