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Crank’s Corner is primarily a journal of the column that I write for the newspaper I am employed at in Chennai. What you read here is all about humour since I say so.

The column’s main audience are Chennaiites, and ergo much of the references and metaphors and similes are taken from Indian and Tamil Nadu context. Some in-jokes, therefore, may miss some of the international readers. But if the jokes miss Indian or Tamil readers too, I am not to blame.

If I say there was a demand for an online version of my column, you will think that I am joking.  So I’ll merely jump to the next paragraph.

The column’s size may be ‘long’ for typical blog posts, but readers here should remember that I am a print journalist, and all scribes operate under the credo ‘all white space need to be covered, and to hell with the readers’ time’. If newspapers ever really went about their business by listening in to what the readers wanted and read, well there wouldn’t be any editorial written at all. Papers would end up carrying nude photos of young actresses.

If you think there was some humour in the previous sentence, then you can be happy that you came to the right site. If you have landed here, guided by a search engine for your query ‘nude photos of young actresses’, well sorry to disappoint you. But if you find a site for that, please mail me at: mail@kbalakumar.com or balakumarkb@gmail.com