Aadhaar made compulsory for advocates arguing against Aadhaar

*Bar Council of India makes it mandatory for membership enrolment

​​​​​​New Delhi, June 21: The banks are moving towards making it mandatory. Colleges are going in the same direction. Not to be left behind, the judiciary too is following suit. According to sources, the Bar Council of India (along with its State bodies) has made Aadhaar compulsory for all the members who enrol with it.

Registration with the Bar Council is mandatory for practising as an advocate in India. “Now, for that mandatory registration we have made Aadhaar registration mandatory,” sources privy to the development said.

Sources added all those who already are practising as advocates also need to provide Aadhaar registration to remain as Bar Council members.

This, of course, means that the advocates who are arguing the case to make Aadhaar not compulsory, have to compulsorily give their Aadhaar registration to continue arguing in the case. “If they don’t have Aadhaar registration with them they can’t argue against Aadhaar registration,” sources pointed out.

It is also learnt that Aadhaar is going to be made mandatory for all the judges in the country. “This will be irrespective of what the verdict is in the Aadhaar case that is currently being heard by a Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court,” sources added.

Every one connected with the Indian judicial system will have to have Aadhaar, said the source even while scotching the rumours that Justice Karnan has been arrested for not possessing valid Aadhaar.  (For what it is worth, the government also denied a story that appeared in the online news outlet Tire.in that Anil Kumble had to quit as the Indian cricket team coach because he possessed no legal Aadhaar).

The decision to make Aadhaar must for judges and advocates was taken by the Law Ministry based on a recommendation by the Home Ministry. Sources said that Home Ministry made the recommendation following a suggestion by the Defence Ministry, which itself was acting on a policy note given by the PMO. The PMO had come up with the note after it received several petitions from various Ministries, including Law, Home and Defence.

Elsewhere, it is also learnt that Aadhaar may be made compulsory for registering marriages hence forth. This follows a Guwahati High Court verdict that declared a marriage null and void after it was found the guy and girl had no valid Aadhaar registrations. Writing the verdict, Justice Subhash Goswami said that “it is only reasonable to accept that marriages between two consenting individuals without consenting Aadhaar registration can only be a live-in relationship that has no sanctity in the eyes of law”.

Quickly following the Guwahati court’s verdict, popular matrimonial sites across the country have advised their ‘clients’ to upload only Aadhaar-compliant jadagams.  In related inevitable developments, astrologers have also extended their services to figure out whether the Aadhaars of prospective grooms and brides match. Numerologists are also looking into the impact of one’s personal Aadhaar number in one’s personal fortunes.

The government, meanwhile, has categorically stated that there is no change in its official position on Aadhaar. Its two-point official position on Aadhar, for the record, is: 1) Aadhaar is not mandatory except on occasions when it is mandatory 2) The previous statement is not a joke.

Elsewhere, on the social media front, where Aadhaar is being seen as a bigger threat to humanity than ISIS terrorists, more and more people are pouring out their personal grief stories as how lack of Aadhaar is affecting their old parents, unborn child and their pet cocker spaniels.

There have been many impassioned ‘threads’ on the twitter platform detailing Aadhaar-related travails. Here is one such ‘thread’ from an user:

“There is a real and valid reason to oppose Aadhaar card on the grounds that your old parents can physically lose it.”

“I speak from personal experience. I am the resident keeper of all documents in my household because my aged parents are absent-minded”.

“Every time they go on a train journey they come back losing their Aadhaar cards. And every time I have to download them a new card”.

“Aadhaar is their handy go-to ID document. In that sense, it is helpful. But we will not mention it here”.

“The government cannot overlook the sad reality of old people misplacing or losing their Aadhaar cards.”

 “Our Aadhaar cards, if we lose them, will reveal all our personal details that we have so far shared only with total strangers on Facebook”.

The thread went on in this fashion before twitter users, as is the case with most threads, got bored and moved on to other things to waste their time on.