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Actor Ajith’s fans celebrate 100th-day function of his yet to be released film

Chennai: In Kollywood, actor Ajith is known to be different. And, as it is emerging, so too are his fans.

The actor, who is fondly referred to as Thala by his fans including many sections of the media, has just finished shooting for Billa – 2, the prequel to his Billa which was a sequel remake of Billa, the Rajni starrer, which itself was a remake of the Amitabh starrer Don, which was imaginatively remade as, well, Don by Sharukh Khan, who later came out with Don 2, which basically seems to have quelled all life out of the entire Don franchise.

Recently, Ajith has been giving interviews to Tamil magazines, talking about Billa-2 by categorically stating that he does not like to talk about Billa-2. ‘I am just the hero of Billa-2. Who am I to talk of Billa-2? Billa-2 should talk for Billa-2,’ he has said.

Ajith has also said: ‘My job ends with acting. I will not promote my films’.

Naturally, Ajith’s assertion has gone down very well with his followers. ‘Thala saying that he will not promote his films is the best possible promotion for his films,’ pointed out ‘Jana’ Jagadish, one of his fans.  ‘Because Tamil Nadu is just about recovering from the marketing blitz of Dhanush and Ishwarya’s 3, wherein they were all over the electronic media, all but virtually emerging out of picture tubes in individual TV sets,’ he added.

But another fan, ‘Red’ Rajesh said Thala films don’t need any promotion at all. ‘All his movies are a huge hit even before they are released,’ he pointed out and added ‘it’s also fact that Thala’s films are best enjoyed when they are not released.’

Anyway, Thala fans have decided to celebrate the 100th day ‘success function’ of Billa-2 much ahead of the film’s actual release.

‘There is nothing to feel surprised about in this. When actor Vijay fans can celebrate the 100th-day success function for films like Sachein which did not run for 100 days, what is wrong in organising a 100th-day function for a film which at least enjoys a technical chance of running for 100 days in the future?’ said ‘Vaali’ Venkatesh.

According to him, the fans will celebrate the 100th day function of Billa-2 on May 1, the birthday of Ajith. ‘It will be a double delight for us. We will suitably labour and celebrate the occasion by sending more SMSes ridiculing actor Vijay, his films and fans,’ he added. (It is a grand tradition in Tamil Nadu for fans of an actor or musician to generally express their artistic appreciation of their ‘idol’ by violently badmouthing his rivals and fans. The fights between the fans of Rajni and Kamal are legendary. But on the positive side, thanks to the rivalry of the fans, the two stars have managed to make crores and crores of rupees for themselves).

Anyway, coming back to Ajith, it’s not clear whether he will participate in the 100th day celebrations of his yet to be released movie. It is well known in film circles that Ajith generally stays away from 100th-day celebratory functions. It is equally well known in film circles that Ajith hasn’t had any film worthy of being celebrated with a 100th-day function in the last decade or so.

Also, Ajith, who has this image of being a non-conformist, has already told his fans to disband the fans associations. ‘I am a big star today because of my fans. Quite unlike others, about whom I don’t want to talk at all, I don’t like to use my fans for my personal progress. So I request my fans to stop being my fans,’ he said.

The request to stop being his fan brought more fans to Ajith. ‘I am a fan of his honest desire to not have fans. Also, unless we become his fans in the first place, how can we stop being his fans? As Thala fans we owe our address to Thala,’ concluded ‘Mugavari’ Mahesh.

Last heard, Ajith is expected to make it to the 100th day success function of Billa-2 to make it known to the organisers that he doesn’t like attending such functions.

(Disclaimer: We love to say this. But we hate disclaimers. Also, stop believing in disclaimers)

  • Bwaahahaha.. ROFL at those Jana Jagadhish, Red Rajesh, Vaali Venkatesh, Mugavari Mahesh nomenclatures.. Expecting a flurry of mails in ur inbox tomorrow.. 😀

    Well done Billa Balakumar saar.. 

    Errr… Anjaneya Anand.

  • ‘Billa’ Blogeswari


  • kbalakumar

    Hahahaha. ‘Billa Blogeswari’, it seems. Adhu 🙂

  • kbalakumar

    Thanks Anjaneya Anand 🙂

  • ‘Aalwar’ Aalapiranthavan

    ROTFL 😀 😀 i loved this line very much… // 
    It is equally well known in film circles that Ajith hasn’t had any film worthy of being celebrated with a 100th-day function in the last decade or so. // 

    Jus went thru his filmography… hmmmmm mmmmm nothing worth as mentioned by u 😀 

  • Osthe.STR

    Are you the K.Balakumar who writes for the Talk paper franchise…?

  • ‘Asal’ Achyuthan

    Veritthanam boss!!

    vizhavukku vandhalum kalaaippom, varattiyum kalaaippom ngra unga approach enakku remba pudichirukku!!! 🙂

  • AB

    Though I have not seen any Thala movies yet (Thala means jobless in Hindi slang), but I had some knowledge about the Billa legacy. Though it was confusing, I will state what I knew:

    Amitabh Bachchan’s Don was adapted and made as Rajinikanth’s Billa. Then Shahrukh Khan adapted Don and made his Don. Then Ajith adapted Rajinikanth’s Billa and made Billa again. Then SRK made one Don 2 but Billa 2 will be a prequel of Billa and certainly different from Don 2. #headache

    But, Haha, this post was as hilarious as hilarious can be! Must see a thala movie in thala time!

  • Raghuthaatha

     Raja Raghuthaatha here … trolling forward.

  • Abi

    People like you have no life at all, dear balakumar… Do something worthy for your family instead of writing some crap about other people… You are the who’s funny not your article… You think you’ve achieved something by mocking a specific… But all you’ve done is make a mockery of yourself… Please do something useful… Your article shows how vetty you are and how worthless your life is… Anyways take care….

  • Kumar

    “It is equally well known in film circles that Ajith hasn’t had any film worthy of being celebrated with a 100th-day function in the last decade or so”… Bro… If don’t know anything, please don’t comment for the sake of commenting something… It ain’t funny at all…. Do research and then comment… And this douchebag balakumar knows nothing either…

  • ROFL!


  •  Yes, he is 🙂

  • Ahahahaha 😀 … Jooppperrr !

    Bala, vazhakkam pola kalakkal 🙂

    BTW, naandhaan … Adadaa, ‘S’ letter-la aarambikkura madhiri thala padam illa polayae ?! o_O :/.
    Sari adhanaala enna, naandhaan “Minor Maapillai Siva” 😀

    P.S: Appuram Bala, we are eagerly awaiting an article of the same sort on ” ilaya thala vali ” as well 😀

  • kbalakumar

    Thanks AB. Thala is a scream in these parts. And his parts, a bigger scream 🙂

  • kbalakumar

    Thanks Siva. On Vijay, making him a further joke is difficult 🙂

  • kbalakumar

    Hi Thatha, start the troll-y 🙂

  • kbalakumar

    Haha. That’s the point. All is fair in love and laughter, adhaan namba policy 🙂

  • Anik696

    i like ajith and i like this post. Ajith has told very clearly, padathe paathiye veetuku poniya nu irrukanam. fan nu solli suthama ozhunga padichu pulla kuttiya valaka vazhiya paarungada nu… but ppl like red rajesh, vaali venkatesh, jana jagadish will never change. 

  • Sub5787

    Ajith fans r goin to cry after readin this 😀 😀 

  • Aasai Anantha

    Thala Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  •  Ahahahaha! Rightly said. He himself is one … 😀

  • Cusp Bhu


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