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As Hollywood beckons, all eyes on Kamal’s accent

Also: A teaser on the making of Viswaroopam’s poster unveiled

Chennai: As actor-director-producer Kamal Haasan is all set for a plunge into Hollywood, his excited followers back in Tamil Nadu feel that cine fans across the world can brace themselves up for a totally new experience, especially with regard to his English accent.

‘The moment I heard the news that Kamal has been roped in to write and act in an English movie, as a follower of his films, my spontaneous reaction was one of great happiness. Happy for Kamal. But more happy for the fact that now Hollywood fans too would get a chance to experience what an average Tamil fan has all along been encountering: Not able to understand the dialogues in an English film’, said the 32-year-old Muthukrishnan of Chennai.

‘I mean, Kamal’s English in Tamil films itself is generally more Hollywoodian than they actually manage to speak in Hollywood. So imagine how it will be when he is actually acting in a full-fledged English movie?’ added Muthukrishnan.

‘I think Hollywood is in for exciting times. For the first time ever it is getting a chance to cast its eyes on an actor who has the unique talent (in accent) to land an Oscar for an English film in the foreign language film category’.

Kamal’s language skills are legendary in these parts, especially because he is one actor who is gifted enough to use Latin in his English in his downright rural Tamil film. Mind you, this was in a scene involving screen characters who were by and large unlettered.

Stating that Kamal is the only actor capable of imparting an accent to even his silences, Muthukrishnan said efforts should be made to release Pushpak, Kamal’s silent movie, in English.

Meanwhile, the buzz surrounding Kamal’s impending release, Viswaroopam, is getting bigger with the actor himself unveiling what has never been attempted before in world cinema: A teaser trailer on the making of the film’s poster.

To make this teaser trailer, Kamal a thorough professional that he is, travelled all the way to the birthplace of Johannes Gutenburg, the man behind the first printing press, to understand how much printing (of posters) has evolved over the years. Kamal rounded off his trip with a visit to the Adobe headquarters to get a first knowledge of what Photoshop variations (of posters) are possible in the future.  ‘A poster is a confluence of tradition and technology. The printing part and the printed part,’ Kamal says in the trailer. ‘If I were a believer in Hindu spirituality, I would have said one is like the jeevathma, the other is like paramathma. But we atheists won’t even mention such things.’

The trailer contains some interesting info into how Kamal increased his weight through special diet to look the part of someone visiting old printing facilities. And how Kamal did some specially training to sport a slim look to match the one on a trip to a modern software firm.

Later releasing the trailer Kamal said the tricky part in the making of a film is the making of its poster. ‘What we have done is to make a new film out of this making of this poster itself. This made our job trickier,’ he said and added in Tamil: ‘ippo indha new film-ukku poster venuma venamagra vishayathukku namma pogannuma poga vendamannu theriyala’.

Pointing out that if a good trailer can help draw people to the theatres, a good poster can help draw people to watch the trailer, Kamal said: ‘what we are attempting now is to draw people to watch the poster.’

Meanwhile, reacting to reporters’ query whether Viswaroopam is a sequel to Dasavatharam, which it looks like going by the promos, Kamal shot back saying that Visvaroopam could also be the prequel to the movie that he may end up never making in the future.

When puzzled reporters looked gravely at him, Kamal explained further. What becomes a sequel or prequel is not in our hands. ‘Actually, it is in our eyes. I mean, one can argue Vasool Raja MBBS to be a prequel to Sathi Leelavathi. The wannabe doctor Raja of the former is the orthopaedic Sakthi of the latter. Or you can say Thenali is a sequel to Michael Madana Kamarajan with the Lankan Thenali and the Malayalee Kameshwaran cut off the same cloth —- coming from parts that Tamils hate the most.’

(Disclaimer: The above may be a spoof. But it pales in the reality of the fact that Viswaroopam’s poster was actually released as a trailer)

  • “to draw people to watch the poster” pinreengaLe saar! 🙂

  • kbalakumar

    Nandri 🙂

  • nsv

    Very good

  • MN

    Luckily it’s not about Vijay or Ajith. I like watching *some* of Kamal’s films (MMKR – easily my fav) – but definitely not all. Stupidities like Guna, Pela-vandhaan dot my mind. So, whenever there is a new Kamal film – I gear up for watching it on  TV or any other “legal” options; but never watch it unless someone else ensures it not like guna.. lol.
    “coming from parts that Tamils hate the most” – Are you insinuating Tamils hate Kerala (or Palakkad, to be precise – my dad was born there)?


  • you hit it again!! 🙂

    Hilarious as usual! you got Kamal’s pointless hype pretty right in the language 🙂

    ‘what we are attempting now is to draw people to watch the poster.’  – hahahah.. epic!

  • kbalakumar

    Thank you :). But, as I keep saying, this is just extreme spoof. Personally speaking, I don’t think Kamal is ‘pointless hype’. After writing all these, I’ll still say I am a Kaml fanboy 🙂 (Sometime I am more confusing than Kamal himself).

  • hahah! i dont know what to call it.. pointless hype or disguised sillyness! I mean he really says stuff similar to ”
    ‘A poster is a confluence of tradition and technology. The printing part and the printed part,’ ” 🙂 I feel he coats simple things will needless psuedo-intellectualism to the point that it all sounds weird. Like the last dialogue in that comedy called ‘Dasavatharam’ – “when did i say that God does not exist? I only say that it’d be great if he exists”.

    btw, I too enjoyed his films till Hey Ram, but none in the last decade. 

  • Amazing piece!

    “Kamal is the only actor capable of imparting an accent to even his silences”

    ROFL!!! So true!!

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