BCCI nominee to head Aussie selection panel

Melbourne/Chennai: In an inevitable turn of events, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) was all set to appoint its nominee as the Chairman of the Australian cricket Selection Committee.

Cricket Australia (CA), the governing body of cricket in Australia, has accepted BCCI’s request to accommodate Indian representative as the head of the selection committee keeping in mind ‘the larger dynamics of world cricket’.

A spokesperson of the CA said that the latest development is only a logical culmination of events that have been happening in the last few years. ‘It’s the BCCI that more or less decides where and when we play. Now it will formulate who will play for us. There is nothing out of ordinary in this’.

The spokesperson also pointed out that such happenings were not exactly new to world cricket. ‘Till around the19 50s, the West Indies teams were being picked by Englishmen.  It’s bizarre that people who had kept quiet then are vociferous now,’ the spokesperson said in reference to the allegation of more arm-twisting by the Indian cricket board.

‘We have no reason to question the motives of the BCCI. It is only trying to help us, especially since we couldn’t pick even a half decent squad to tour to India early this year,’ he said and added ‘a good Australian team is only in the interest of the Indian administration. The Australian team that toured India could barely last for four days in the Tests. This was something that the BCCI couldn’t take, especially since it had to look for alternative programmes to telecast for the unused fifth day of the Tests’.

The spokesperson was hopeful that the Australian cricketers would take the developments in right spirit. ‘I take courage from the fact that already they are doing duty in teams picked by the likes of Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty. So getting picked by any actual cricketer is a really a step up.’

Meanwhile, sources in the know confirmed to Cranks News, the incumbent chairman of the Australian cricket selection committee John Verarity will be replaced by BCCI’s nominee, widely speculated to be Krishnamachari Srinath, the former opener of Tamil Nadu Ranji team.

Krishnamachari Srinath brings to the table the rich experience of having been the only brother of Krishnamachari Srikkanth who had been the chairman of the Indian selection committee.

Srinath was a swashbuckling opener in his illustrious brother’s mould, swashbuckling being the cricketing euphemism for absolute lack of technique and foot-work.

Srinath, in an interview said, that he would pick players who have the right attitude, ‘by which I mean, no interest in DRS’.

 ‘If there is DRS, players cannot complain much about umpires. Why do you want to take that away from the game? Whingeing has a huge tradition in the game’.

It is also learnt that if Srinath’s experiment in Australia succeeds, the BCCI may start having its nominees in other cricket boards too. Already, the BCCI has shortlisted the name of V Sivaramakrishnan for the post of New Zealand cricket selection committee chairman.

V Sivaramakrishnan, also another former opener from Tamil Nadu, is not exactly new to New Zealand cricket, as his son Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan has done duty for Chennai Super Kings which has seen the likes of Stephen Fleming and Scott Styris in its ranks.

V Sivaramakrishnan and the late T E Srinivasan are legends in the all-knowing cricketing circles of Chennai.  The locals till date believe that Sunil Gavaskar, along with Chetan Chauhan, might have deliberately played better just to scuttle the chances of the local duo.

With Srinath and Sivaramakrishnan getting BCCI posts, there is a new-found hope among the likes of Thirukumaran, M Venkatramana and Senthilnathan, all leading lights of Tamil Nadu cricket at various points, of landing some post or the other in the coming days.  Senthilnathan, for what it is worth, has already started to figure out where Zimbabwe is on the world map.

Meanwhile, reacting to BCCI’s nominee set to head the Australian cricket committee, well known commentator Harsha Bhogle tweeted: ‘There is nothing new in one organisation wanting have a say in another organisation.’  ‘We have seen this among African tribesmen, Mughal kings and, of course, the mafia’.

Harsha later clarified that he was not ready to clarify any further because many times his clarifications end up kicking up a bigger furore.

(Disclaimer:  Malcolm Conn was admitted to hospital with a medical condition described by doctors as ‘non-stop, never-ending foaming at the mouth.’)