Blast during Parliament session: Privilege notice to terrorists

Lok Sabha TV to go HD  #Crank’s News

New Delhi: In what seems like a major assertion of Parliamentary supremacy, privilege notices are expected to be slapped on the terrorists who triggered the blasts in New Delhi on Wednesday when Parliament was in session.

According to highly placed sources in the Lok Sabha Secretariat, many members of the House, cutting across party lines, have given notices to the Speaker for initiating privilege proceedings against terrorists for masterminding a bomb blast in New Delhi on Wednesday when Parliament was in session.

‘We had to seek the adjournment of the House because of the explosion, thereby compromising on our privilege of seeking adjournment of the House on issues that we had come prepared for,’ the MPs said in their notices. ‘We had to adjourn our adjournment plan and instead settle for the ad-hoc adjournment. This prima facie constitutes contempt of Parliament,’ the notices explained.

One particularly angry MP was heard saying: ‘these terrorists cannot hope to go scot-free after disrespecting Parliament.  We need to haul up these terrorists in front of the Privileges Committee and give them a strong dressing down. A strong rebuke from us Parliamentarians will shake up the terrorists’.

Another MP said: ‘We exhibited great humane consideration in deciding to adjourn the House to honour the victims of the blast. But our show of kindness should not be misconstrued as a sign of weakness. Come what may, we will pull up the terror mongers for breach of our privileges’.

It is also learnt that similar notices, given by MPs, have been received by the Rajya Sabha Chairman’s office.

Both the Lok Sabha Speaker and the Rajya Sabha Chairman are expected to refer the matter to the Privileges Committee, and it’s most likely that notices will be dispatched to the terrorists concerned shortly.

A request has been made to the Home Ministry to forthwith furnish the addresses and details of all the terrorists involved in Wednesday’s blast so that privileges notices can be despatched to them at the earliest.

It is said that a copy of the notices will also be marked to: harkaruljihadi2011@gmail

It is, however, not clear whether the notices will be sent in English or Urdu.

Elsewhere, away from the blasts, the Lok Sabha is also planning a major thrust to showcase parliamentary democracy in better light among the public.

Highly placed sources in the Lok Sabha secretariat said that the MPs have come to realise that large sections of our populace (including the Parliamentarians) don’t take the proceedings in the House seriously.

The MPs, it is said, brainstormed over the matter and came to the unanimous conclusion that the most sensible way to improve the situation is:  Make Lok Sabha TV to beam its telecasts in HD mode.

As a first step in the direction, a team of MPs will leave for America, Switzerland and Seychelles to make an in-depth study in the matter. Their brief is watch to watch a lot of HD telecasts there and come back, sources added.

Thanks to this technologically farsighted initiative, citizens of this country can soon enjoy in arresting visuals MPs shouting ‘hai, hai’ and storming out of the House.

The Lok Sabha secretariat, however, clarified that they were not in competition with anyone for eyeballs. ‘Our mission is just to redefine democracy through high definition’.

Despite this clarification, it is learnt that other HD channels like Star Cricket, Animal Planet and National Geography are mighty worried about the competition that the Lok Sabha TV in HD will throw up.

Sources in Prasar Bharathi, which handles the affairs of Lok Sabha TV, pointed out that the TRP ratings for its telecasts zoomed during the discussions on Anna Hazare’s fast.

‘It brought home to us the truth of classical reality TV, which states that even an old man on fast can make for gripping viewing provided there are people around to create controversies.  Every show needs a Dolly Bindra. Luckily Kiran Bedi played that part wonderfully well during Anna’s fast, ’the sources said.

The sources added:  ‘Our plan is to help organise similar fasts which can animate Parliament into some spirited show. We are looking for sponsors to fasts. Once sponsors are found, we will look for people to fast. And once these two are decided, the task of finding a cause to fast for will take care of itself’.

(Disclaimer: We just hope humour doesn’t become a costly privilege in this country)