Dhanush & Madhavan to enter politics


* For a change, TN media set to speculate on this duo now

*T T V Dhinakaran to score music for Simbu film

*Kamal keeps silent, triggering an even bigger debate

Chennai, Aug 2: After boring the heck out of the readers & viewers with pointless analysis and discussions for the better part of this year over whether Rajnikanth and Kamal  Haasan will take the political plunge, TN media now seems set to change tack and move to a new topic: Will Dhanush or Madhavan enter politics?

“All these months we have been debating Kamal and Rajni and whether they will step into the political arena or not. As with most topics we cover these days, we have made the whole issue dead and dry by our endless speculation,” a top programme executive with a news channel told Crank’s News.

“News, as is the case with all reality fiction shows, needs to reinvent itself constantly. And for the coming season, we want to stop speculating on Rajni and Kamal“, the prgramme executive paused for breath and said, “instead we will now focus on whether, say, Dhanush or Madhavan will take up politics”.

Why Dhanush or Madhavan? “Well, they are just random names. We could as well be debating if Kanja Karuppu or Venniradai Moorthy will enter politics,” the programme executive said matter of factly.

At any rate, Dhanush or Madhavan wouldn’t mind this discussion at all. Madhavan has just had a film release, while Dhanush has his film waiting to hit the theatres. “They will be only too happy about being such controversial discussions around their film’s release. They will actually pay to have such a debate.”

Actually, we must make this a practice. Whichever hero has an impending release, we will discuss that week whether he will enter politics or not. “With a film to release, no hero is ever going to say ‘no’ to anything controversial.  It is a win-win situation for all us,” the programme executive said.

But don’t you think, the whole thing will become predictable and patented, er, like Crank’s News’ effort at spoof? “It is a point we cannot overlook. When we are done and dusted with speculating whether actors will enter the political arena or not, we have to move on to some new topics. Perhaps, we should get around to discussing if some politico will enter filmdom or not”.

Come to think of it, there is much potential there. Just imagine what it would be like when have a panel debating the possibility of, say, Edappadi Palaniswamy taking a stab at films. Or, the more obvious one of OPS trying to take up Rajkiran-like roles in the offerings from Kollywood.

“In fact, we in the TV studios should pitch with the TTV Dhinakaran camp for a news that he will be scoring music for a Simbu movie. The film may not even release, because it has Simbu. The film may not even go to shoot, because it has Simbu. Simbu may walk out of the film, because it has Simbu. On the other hand, Dhinakaran may not know anything about music. But it doesn’t matter, because it is a Tamil film. Not knowing music is a good qualification for being a music director in Tamil films these days. We can keep discussing this news for days and nights without end”.

 Elsewhere, after keeping every one guessing with his tweets and interviews daily for the last month or so, actor Kamal Haasan today caused a even bigger stir by choosing to remain silent.

Why is the  Vishwaroopam actor keeping quiet? What message is he trying to convey by remaining silent? Is Kamal’s silence a metaphor for his loudness? Or, this being about Kamal, is loudness a metaphor at all? Well, these are some of the questions that kept the mainstream media abuzz all through the day.

As ever, Kamal chose to remain cryptic. I may remain silent, but when my silence is interpreted as saying something am I really silent? Kamal wondered in a tweet.

Is silence absence of sound, or presence of non-sound? He said and added “you can say a lot without saying anything at all. Like Bharathi did. Bharathi’s unwritten poems are his best works. Can you disagree to that?”

Reacting to Kamal’s silence, Tamil Nadu Minister D Jayakumar said that if Kamal chooses to remain silent then he will meet the fate that befell the hero of his film Pesum Padam.

Just the other day, Jayakumar had opined that if Kamal continued to make comments on the ruling government in TN, he will end up like the hero of Moondram Pirai.

Today, Jayakaumar brought up the film Pesum Padam, triggering a frenzied but inevitable debate as to whether Jayakumar was planning a career for himself in Kollywood.

In which case, Jayakumar should write dialogues for Simbu film, which, of course may have no dialogues, because, it is, well, a Simbu movie.