“Impose entertainment tax on TN politics”

TN Guv finally gives his recommendation to the Centre

Chennai, Aug 30: After receiving flak for not taking any action over the political situation in Tamil Nadu, the acting Governor of the State, Ch Vidyasagar Rao, has finally sent his recommendation to the Central government over the state of affairs here.

And no prizes for guessing what his suggestion to the Centre is: Impose entertainment tax on the political happenings in Tamil Nadu.

According to sources in the Home Ministry in New Delhi, the report sent by Vidyasagar Rao wants the Central government to charge, at the rate of the highest GST slab of 28%, the State government and the ruling party, as much of what they have been doing clearly fall under unadulterated entertainment.

“Ever since former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was admitted to hospital, under circumstances that qualify to be called Hitchcockian suspense, the the State has been witness to one drama after the other with relentless consistency,” the report, which despite its official nature, begins with rare effusiveness.

“After that, her death was again shrouded in secrecy, sentiments and sadness that were straight out of Cecil B DeMille school of filmmaking,” the report went on.

And so it continued:

“Then we had the bizarre twist that contained elements of guilt, faith, redemption, which verily belonged to the world of Martin Scorsese, O Panneerselvam turned against V Sasikala that included an Oscar-worthy playing-to-the-gallery  performance at Jayalalithaa memorial.”

“We also saw Edappadi Palaniswami becoming the Chief Minister with the backing of TTV Dhinakaran, but eventually the duo had a messy fallout, and both of them are now daggers drawn at each other. Only the horse head is missing. Otherwise this is a scenario that Francis Ford Coppola would have been happy to have conceived.”.

“The sinister, shadowy fight between the EPS and OPS groups is from Quentin Tarantino template,” the Governor’s report continued as it kind of ticked almost all the boxes of popular Hollywood directorial genres.

“The OPS-EPS sudden turn-around, their identity crisis and the total confusion as to who is fighting whom and why is Christopher Nolan all the way”.

“Amid all this, the BJP show in all this comes across as slapstick comedy of Buster Keaton variety, while the DMK being caught in a cleft stick is verily Chaplinesque. Put together, all the political developments amount to, well, KS Ravikumarian.”

“Everything in this State’s politics is made for entertainment. Even the Governor is acting,” the Governor’s report said, unexpectedly taking a self-deprecatory Kurasowan inside turn.

“The State government and all the accompanying political players have been offering entertainment in one form or the other. So much so that people no longer seem to be going to the theatres for their dose of entertainment. But, of course, that could also be due to the fact that the theatres are  mostly showing either VIP-2 or Vivegam,” the Governor’s report said and added “With so much drama on offer, it is only fair that the Central government imposes 28% GST on what the political parties and the government are dishing out”.

The Finance Ministry, which is always ready to take up every possible outlandish and silly suggestion, looks all set to implement the TN governor’s suggestion.

A Finance Ministry spokesperson said, “we are in the process working out the modalities. The TN government has to pay 28% GST on its total revenues. It can impose a 28% State GST on itself. It can pay and collect the same”.

The Finance Ministry spokesperson also clarified that GST levy is also being imposed on Kamal Haasan who these days is playing a remarkable cameo in the TN political act.

The Governor also suggested that the State Secretariat can be shifted to AVM Studios. Or conversely, the State Secretariat can be leased out for shootings.