Lodha panel has no locus standi to give recommendations: BCCI

“Cricket board to ask Karnataka Assembly to help pass resolution to avoid implementing SC orders”

New Delhi, Oct 5: The BCCI today said that it had agreed to the formation of the Lodha Committee under the strong hope that it would be like, you know, any other committee. “At any rate, we had merely agreed to the formation of the panel, as ordered by the apex court. At no point it was made explicit to us that we had  to implement whatever the committee recommended,” the BCCI told the Supreme Court in an affidavit. Basically, it was wrong on the part of the Lodha Committee to have come up with recommendations that were “fundamentally unimplementable”, the BCCI said.

The BCCI also categorically stated that it should enjoy the same right extended to the State of Karnataka on the vexed Cauvery river issue, which is to totally ignore the many verdicts of the Supreme Court.

Elsewhere, even though there seems to be no threat to the ongoing India-New Zealand series, but with Justice Lodha Committee tightening the purse strings of the BCCI, it looks likely that the the players have to foot the bill for their lunch and tea during the Indore Test match.

This morning, the Supreme Court, considering the emergency nature of the BCCI and Lodha panel confrontation  took up the matter on a priority basis, adjourning the Cauvery water issue to 2018. In its fresh affidavit, the BCCI argued that the Lodha Committee had no real locus standi to make any recommendations to anyone, least of all to the BCCI.

“It beggars our belief that the Justice Lodha panel would make recommendations, among others, asking some office-bearers of the BCCI to stop being its office-bearers,” the cricket board said in its affidavit. “This is totally naive as it goes against the very grain of anyone who gets to any post in the BCCI. If people were to give up their posts in the BCCI, would they have taken up that post in the first place?”

It added: “Once an office–bearer always an office-bearer is one of the inviolable bye-laws of the BCCI. And for that matter, most associations, including residential societies across India.”

The BCCI advocate said that BCCI is an independent statutory body. The Lodha Committee should understand and respect its privacy. “The BCCI isn’t telling Justice Lodha that he cannot head the Justice Lodha Committee, and the learned justice should extend the same courtesy to the board and refrain from suggesting how many selectors to have or who should get to what post.”

Whose mistake is it if the recommendations are fundamentally unimplementable, ours or Lodha’s, the BCCI asked not unreasonably. “Anyway, our Secretary is Shirke.With such a name you can’t expect him to actually work,” the BCCI affidavit seriously said.

The Indian cricket board further argued that it was childish to expect the BCCI to implement a mere panel’s orders when others are allowed to ignore the Supreme Court’s order itself.

“We want the same right that the State of Karnataka enjoys in the matter of implementing the Supreme Court orders”.

The BCCI advocate further told the court that if need be the cricket board would also seek the help of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly to pass a resolution that it (the BCCI) was not in a position to implement the orders of the SC panel.  The BCCI may also use the services of Anil Kumble in this regard and get to speak the Karnataka legislators in Kannada.

“Considering what is happening on the Cauvery issue, the SC cannot do anything more other than keep asking for the implementation of its orders and we too can keep saying, like Karnataka, that we are not in a position to carry out its verdict. Well, we are only trying to follow the well-set precedence here”.

The BCCI also asked for a fact-finding team to take stock of the ground realities and why Lodha panel’s orders are unimplementable at the moment.

Meanwhile, it has been learnt that the worst hit by Lodha’ panel’s idea to tell the banks to freeze BCCI’s accounts would be Lodha panel itself. Without the BCCI footing the bill, the panel cannot meet the members at 5-star hotels and carry out its work.

Elsewhere. with the accounts of the BCCI on a tight leash, both Indian and New Zealand players may be forced to order their food and foot the bill for the same during the Indore Test match. But if the players are going to order food using a food app, they may have to keep a player aside to keep giving directions for the stadium to the delivery person.

Anyway, with the India having called for a Nair into the squad, tea service is at least assured.