Options before Governor, OPS, Sasi and North Indian journos

Also answered: Is Edappadi Palanisamy a spy?

Chennai, Feb 15: The biggest takeaway from yesterday’s Supreme Court verdict convicting V K Sasikala to four years of jail is — this is exactly the kind of real insight you will get from Crank’s News and nowhere else — that for the first time ever in probably 25 years there is real hope for the people of Poes Garden area that they can enter their own locality without having to clear a police sentry.

Another important point we would like to point out here is “Palanisamy” is clearly — it beats us how senior political analysts can keep this piece of info away from the public —   an anagram of “I, an MLA (&) a spy”.

But Sasiakala and Palanisamy aside, there are plenty of other characters in this sensational political drama that is holding Tamil Nadu in a thrall for heaven knows how long as we really have had no time take our eyes off the TV and mobile screens and look at things like calendar or even the road. What are they up to today? We check that out here

Also, yesterday’s Supreme Court verdict has brought a big phase of uncertainty to an end, and also in the process set off what seems like a bigger phase of confusion. And Crank’s News gets behind the scenes to bring out what could be in store over the extended period of next four or five hours.

Governor: In a crisis-laden political situation like this, the Governor is the authority empowered by the Constitution to spend his time practically doing nothing.  Though technically, the Governor’s office calls it ‘consulting with experts’.

Ch Vidyasagar Rao too, we are told, has been sounding out various ‘legal luminaries’, who have reportedly advised him to follow one of these two courses: 1. Stick to Constitutional precedents. 2. No need to stick to Constitutional precedents.

Raj Bhavan sources say that the Governor, as of now, is sticking to a third option, which is taking no real decision, possibly in the hope that the problem solves itself.

But sooner or later, he has to convene the Assembly, and by the looks of it, it has to be at Koovathur, because most MLAs seem to have not moved out of it as yet.

Sasikala: At the moment of writing, she, Elvis-like, has left the building (Veda Nilayam) and is on the way to Bengaluru by road, and is expected to surrender in court tomorrow after being stuck in Sriperumpudur Highway traffic all day.

Even though the Supreme Court has rejected her plea for some more time to surrender, her legal team has chosen the next best option: They have moved a Bengaluru civil court, which any one with even a passing acquaintance with law matters will confirm to you, is the country’s highest court.

Another weapon up Sasikala’s armour is that she has a legitimate case to appeal to the SC for giving her a  translated version of the verdict copy. Translated to Tamil? No, translated to actual English that actual people can understand.

Justice Amitava Roy’s prose in the verdict is so dense that it can possibly stop bullets fired from any gun.

Politically, Sasikala, before leaving for Bengaluru, has reinstated TTV Dinakaran and Dr Venkatesh into the party. This, as a strategy, can help her to consolidate the various opinions against her to become one cogent, voluble, strong voice of sustained opposition.

Sasikala has also taken a vow of sorts at the Jaya memorial before her ‘convoy’ left for Bengaluru. Though it is not clear what exactly was her vow, popular guess is that she pledged to make the memorial land, and also Marina, her personal property. She and her family have a reason for such a vow: Mannargudi historically doesn’t have a beach.

OPS: After yesterday’s verdict, the MLAs, now in Koovathur, were expected to make a quick march to O Panneerselvam’s camp. But that didn’t happen. But late yesterday, OPS got a major shot in the arm with Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa openly expressing her support for him. No, wait. Deepa is not even a party member. Deepa’s open backing to OPS is expected to bring in more such non-party members to his fold who can take pictures with him and then go back to watching TV.

OPS has now more MPs than MLAs supporting him, which means…exactly, more than Edappadi Palanisamy, Narendra Modi should fear that he doesn’t end up staking a claim to form the government at the Centre.

And before we wind up, we want to leave this all-important message to our North Indian journalists who have chosen to come down here to cover this political imbroglio: Edappadi is not his first name. It is his home town.

Now, off we go to listen to some music of Lalgudi’s.