The choice is yours

Though, technically, the options are many, the equation eventually boils down to two.

As an educated and responsible individual, you need to weigh in the various pros and cons and make an informed choice.  You cannot afford to be casual or complacent, because this is the all-important hour of reckoning to decide how your everyday life will be governed in the days to come.

By now, you pretty well would have guessed what we are talking about. No, not the elections in Tamil Nadu. What we are discussing is much more serious and central to your life.

Yes, that big question: iPad or Android-based Tablet?

Before we plunge headlong into the debate, a few words of explanation, for the sake of some non-technical people (especially me) on what is a tablet and why you should own one.

When you combine the qualities of a smartphone and a laptop you can possibly get any of the two:

1) An instrument that is both handy and effective

2) A contraption that is neither conveniently handy nor adequately effective

Modern-day technologists, using all their experience and expertise, rightly deduced that there will be a huge market for the latter among the educated and discerning sections.  Ergo, the Tablet.

The Tablet is, primarily, aimed at the scientifically-advanced individuals, who already have access to a smartphone and a laptop, and hence would need a unique thingy built to perform the most vital task known to the modern man: Show off.

Since it’s a mobile as well as a laptop, this one wonder instrument also lets you to experience the lousiness of your cell phone service provider as well your broadband (wi-fi) company.

Going by reports, the tablet has taken the world by storm and this multi-tasking, state-of-the-art device is expected to thoroughly dominate our lives in the foreseeable future, defined as till next summer.

Here we discuss the merits and demerits of the two prime competitors in the Tablet segment. (Though we have tried our best to demystify the various jargon, some technical words were unavoidable, because without them you will easily spot our bluff).

Apple iPad: A cordon bleu company of technical excellence and aesthetics, Apple’s products ride on the USP that you don’t need a real USP to sell your products. Apple’s customers know that when they are buying an Apple product they are also buying the sterling Apple guarantee for high-prices.  The iconic logo of the company, the slightly bitten Apple, underscores the Newtonian scientific truth that applies to all electronic goods: You are a sucker to buy this one.

After the iPod and the iPhone, when Apple introduced the iPad last summer, people immediately realised that they were witness to a game-changer, a stupendously superfluous product can be made to look utterly indispensable.

Apple iPad-2’s release has just been announced, and already people seem to be looking for the iPad-3: Because, true to Apple’s tradition, all the useful and usable functions seem to be available only in the next version.

Apple’s software and applications are pointedly made for its hardware. As a consumer, this is a distinct advantage for you. For, be it a simple application error or a major software issue, the solution is the same: Instrument change.

Android-based Tablets: Android, as you may be knowing, is the operating system created by Google, the peerless global giant in being the pathway to porno sites.

The distinct advantage of Android is that it is an open-source operating system, by which we mean you will not know who to approach in times of a problem.  Modern behemoths like Samsung, LG, Motorola have opted for Android, because it gives them the space to focus on their area of core competence, which is to blame the software for all the technical issues.

Quite unlike Apple, Android devices come with USB slots, which physically allow you to connect with other devices, thereby making life easy for those spreading viruses and malwares.

The other major attraction of Android is the free availability of many attractive utilities, like say, Tom Cat. In this popular application, a cat repeats anything that a user will say if he was stupid enough to want to listen to a cat repeat him. It’s not uncommon to find many grown up and educated men conveying their own name to the device and wait to re-hear it from a virtual cat’s mouth.   Yeah, it’s that addictive. And this is the power of modern technology, too.

Both Apple and Android instruments come with the e-book reader, which readily makes available to you several wonderful books  — yes, the same ones, to avoid reading which you chose to immerse yourself in the device in the first place.

There may be other aspects like processor speed, software compatibility, storage space, audio-video experience, camera clarity, user-friendliness, unique applications to be taken into account before you decide on Apple or Android. We will not go into them because that would mean dealing with facts, which this column has been conscientiously avoiding.

We hope the exhaustive comparison that we have undertaken would be helpful for you to make a knowledgeable resolution.

But whatever your choice, just remember this ultimate truth of modern gizmos: The thing you buy will always be obsolete. Wait for the upgrade!