TN political situation explained

A 360 degree view on all the developments including the 180 degree turnaround of OPS

Chennai, Feb 8: Tamil Nadu politics has always had the raciness of a masala movie. And in the last three or four days, it has acquired the fast-forward speed of the scenes in director Hari’s movies in which you cannot find out where one scene ends and where another starts. It is all flash-cut flashiness.

For the media in the State, it is a tumultuous time and political journalists have responded to the momentousness of the occasion by practically shoving the mike at whoever is turning up at Poes Garden and OPS’ residence.

Anyway, to make sense of the senselessness all round, Crank’s News put its crack reporting team on the job. And this is what they filed from the various political camps.


After the untimely death of Jayalalithaa (it happened very late in the night), Sasikala conducted herself with great dignity, grace and restraint in that neither she nor her gaggle of relatives claimed formal ownership of Fort St George or begin occupying the various rooms in it. Knowing the family, this was indeed a big sacrifice from them.

Sasikala and her family members also faced a lot of criticism over the secrecy in the hospitalisation and the subsequent death of Jayalalithaa. They have, however, hit back at these critics by totally ignoring them. Despite this, the senseless critics are still looking for some kind of response from them.

After 25 odd days of Jaya’s death, Sasikala, who was hitherto just an ordinary member of the party, was unanimously ‘appointed’ the general secretary of the AIADMK. And based on the rich and rewarding experience she had over a month or so of being the general secretary of the party, Sasikala rightly pitched for becoming the Chief Minister of the State last Sunday.

As a top leader, Sasi’s political CV so far is: She has made one speech that experts wholesomely concur ‘lasted almost 15 minutes’, during which she exhibited the oratorical flair and finesse of an earnest panda. Yesterday, well past midnight, she interacted with the media over the allegations of OPS and she rebutted them by saying that the whole thing was a conspiracy of the DMK and to back her claim she sensationally came with a stunning evidence: OPS and Stalin once smiled at each other during the last Assembly session. That was clearly, game, set and match, Sasi.

As of now, Sasikala has the full backing of most of the AIADMK MLAs, who are literally backed by the various family members of Sasikala holding some lethal weapon. Okay, not really. But you get the drift.

O Panneerselvam

OPS, as he is generally called, who has been a quiet, unassuming person all along, came up with an unexpected move last night, when he turned up at the Jayalalithaa samadhi on Marina. OPS sat still at the memorial and pulled off what no real person has managed in recent times: Not check his mobile even once for nearly 40 minutes.

Looking at the visuals of OPS sitting silently, doing nothing, astute political observers in the State, which is practically every one, said what he was doing was essentially what he had done all along as the Chief Minister of the State.

Later after his meditation, OPS levelled many allegations against Sasikala and said she was unhappy with the relief work done by his government after the Vardah cyclone hit Chennai. Indeed his government came in for a lot of appreciation from the people for the remarkable good work of not putting the AIADMK party stickers in any of the relief materials.

OPS, after his revolt, has got the full support of party leaders like Maithreyan and P H Pandian who, it should be said here, enjoy complete  backing of almost all their close family members. OPS has also said that he wouldn’t mind joining forces with Deepa, who has the rich political experience of having been the niece of Jayalalithaa.

DMK, BJP, Cong

The open show of defiance in the AIADMK is naturally a big opportunity for the DMK, especially M K Stalin, to get reminded of the defiance from his own estranged brother M K Alagiri. Seriously, this is a good chance for the DMK to utilise, and it has manfully risen to the occasion by issuing inconsequential press releases.

Elsewhere, the BJP camp is also agog and it is already working over time to keep its flock of zero MLAs together in the State. The Cong too has firmed up its response on the matter, but it is just that it has not firmed up its mind on which of its leader will reveal that to the media.

Meanwhile, with the AIADMK MLAs  casting their lot with Sasikala, all eyes are on the Governor, who is currently in Mumbai and consulting legal experts as to when to buy flight ticket for Chennai. He has so far averted the constitutional crisis of Sasikala becoming the Chief Minister by not being in Chennai at all.

It is, however, learnt, that he is ‘keeping a close and intent watch on the happenings in Tamil Nadu‘ most possibly via hubble telescope.