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We loaned money to Vadra under Duckworth-Lewis Formula: DLF

New Delhi: In what is being seen as the most logical and acceptable response to the charges leveled against it by Arvind Kejriwal, realty major DLF today explained that the money and the land that it gave to Robert Vadra was fully based on the Duckworth-Lewis method.

In a carefully-compiled rebuttal to Arvind Kejriwal’s accusations, a spokesperson of DLF said that it was well-established that the Duckworth-Lewis Formula kicked in case of rain. “The land and loan that we extended to Vadra was, in a manner of speaking, meant as a saving for a rainy day. So it is only fair that we went by the eponymous Duckworth-Lewis Formula”.

At any rate, if we don’t follow the Duckworth Lewis Formula who will, the company spokesperson said, drawing attention to the fact that ‘DLF’ itself was an acronym for: ‘Duckworth-Lewis Formula’.

The spokesperson added: “When you understand that the Duckworth Lewis Formula is in operation, the complicated conundrum of Rs.50 lakh growing to Rs.300 crore gets easily explained. I mean we have seen far more bewildering change in numbers on a cricket field when the D/L Formula whenever was put to use”.  (See story below for how DL numbers are worked out —- DLF and DLF, What is common?)

Later, the DLF case got a further boost when the former Solicitor General Harish Salve pointed out that DLF, as being the title sponsor of IPL for the period between 2008 and2012, legally fell under the ambit of the strict rules of the ICC, rather than the antiquated sections of the Company’s Act of 1956.

“It is settled law internationally that ICC rules always take precedence over local laws. That is why even big crimes like racial abuse (in the case of Harbhajan Singh) was handled by an ICC Match Referee and not by any judge in a court”, Salve said.

Elsewhere, Finance Minister P Chidambaram said that the allegations of Arvind Kejriwal at a press conference were a personal matter between the media and him (Kejriwal). ‘I am afraid the government will not, ought not, take cognizance of what is essentially a private exchange between an individual (Kejriwal) and a group of individuals (media),’ Chidamabarm said in a press conference.

Chidamabarm, however, added that since the allegations of Kejriwal were very strong and unignorable in nature, the government would take appropriate action in the circumstance. ‘Since the charges are very powerful we have decided to enhance the security for Robert Vadra,’ he explained.

‘It is unfathomable that how can someone who is a son-in-law be also unlawful. Kejriwal needs to ponder this point,’ the Harvard-educated Finance Minister said.

Chidambaram also questioned the propriety of Kejriwal in making accusations against Mrs. Gandhi’s son-in-law even when wearing a Gandhi cap. ‘I am afraid this seems like some cap panchayat,’ Chidambaram said.

DLF and DLF —- What is common?

The beauty of the Duckworth-Lewis Formula is that it is probably the only rule in the world, which nobody knows —- we repeat nobody — how the eventual numbers are actually computed.

But it is generally believed that when it rains during a cricket match, and when the target for the batting (chasing) team has to be revised, an ICC representative calls either Duckworth or Lewis, who in turn scientifically takes into account the temperature in the stadium at that particular point of time (in Celsius for all countries but in Fahrenheit if South Africa is the batting team), the inflation rate of the country bowling and the real estate value of where the stadium is located. (This is where the synergy of DLF and DLF comes).

The Duckworth-Lewis rule has faced a lot of criticism, especially during the 2003 World Cup when South Africa, in a rain-affected game against Sri Lanka, ended up in a situation where it was required to score 3.14159 runs of the last ball. The match ended in a pi.

In case of the IPL, the Duckworth-Lewis rule takes into account the profit after tax of the franchise sponsor (as opposed to the inflation rate of the country). This has also led to some bizarre situations where Deccan Chargers, backed by Deccan Chronicle, had to call for a board meeting of the company because its balance sheet had not been computed for four years running.

(Disclaimer: The media is awaiting with interest the promised expose on India Bulls. It is one company that the media will go hammer and tongs against as it lends itself to the crime of punnable headlines. Moo over DLF, the media will target the Bulls till cows come home).

  • AB

    Hahahahaha! Absolutely brilliant Sir! Super! I guess everything is settled now.

  • kbalakumar

    It should no?

  • AB

    🙂 Haha.. Of course! Just by chance Duckworth and Lewis happened to be Englishmen. If they had been Italian then rage would have continued!

  • kbalakumar

    Haha. Would have been more grist to my mill 🙂

  • kk


  • kbalakumar

    Thank you 🙂

  • Shenoy N

    Brilliant! Love the Duckworth Lewis formula, btw. Reminds me of Burn’s Hog Weighing Method. Take a perfectly symmetrical plank. Place it perfectly centralized on a perfectly sharp fulcrum. Tie the hog to be weighed and place it on one end of the plank. Place equal sized, small rocks on the other, till the plank is perfectly horizontal. Now carefully guess the weight of the rocks.

  • kbalakumar

    Haha. Trust you to come up with such zany stuff. 🙂 Here is a similar one on a recipe:

  • Abhishek Tupe

    unbeleivable….what a take at D/L more than Vadra…I could not stop laughing especially the computational factors as temperature and special reference if south african….the case is resolved….hahahaha….keep them coming sir

  • kbalakumar

    Thank you 🙂

  • Jay

    hahahhahahaha epic

  • kbalakumar

    Thank you 🙂

  • One of the Best political laughter … Keep writing lot… best line is “ICC representative calls either Duckworth or Lewis, who in turn scientifically takes into account the temperature in the stadium at that particular point of time (in Celsius for all countries but in Fahrenheit if South Africa is the batting team)”

  • Heeee…..Will this formula work for common citizen of India?

  • K,Gopu

    Finance minister has to undergo training under Robert Vadra and DLF. They can
    teach him how to multiply govt of India finances from deficit financing to surplus
    financing. Or the Finance minister job canbe handed over to Robert Vadra.

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