Google+ is the FB people have been waiting for

Social media experts feel new platform will help waste time ‘more efficiently’

Palo Alto: Industry experts have given the thumbs up to Google Plus, the new social network from the technology major Google, saying that ‘it (Google+) seems to have better bells and whistles to help you waste more time than is possible now through Facebook’.

‘The biggest thing going for Google+ is that it comes from the Google stable. Remember for every simple search query, Google throws up lakhs of links, out of which remarkably not even one may be actually relevant to your need,’ pointed out the leading tech magazine ‘TechBrunch’.

‘But by the time you understand this, a good one or two hours would have passed. This is the essential strength of Google. Imagine this being the cornerstone of Google+. We think they have a winner here,’ TechBrunch added.

Facebook has so far provided a convenient and buzzing social platform for people to willingly upload and share even the minutest details of their lives, but still accuse others of breaching their privacy. Now with Google+, people have another platform that will breach their privacy, hopefully with more efficiency.

‘With more details at its command, Google search will throw even more funnily irrelevant data to us. This must be bonanza for the social media experts to confuse their clients further,’ TechBrunch said.

Industry hands feel that Google+ will be a hugely improved version of Google Buzz, which was a spectacular failure, in that nobody knew what to do with it. Quoting company sources, experts said that Google seems to have learnt its lessons well. ‘The potential success of Google+ proves the biggest truth that is intrinsic to this industry: You can’t fool people easily. You have to try harder’.

Another tech magazine ‘Cashable‘, in an opinion piece, said: ‘Google+ is the Facebook   people have been waiting for. Put it in other words, it’s the Facebook that is, however, not the Facebook.’

Mark Zuckerberg has some serious thinking to do, Cashable said and added so far, the world’s youngest billionaire hasn’t had to face any sobering competition. But let’s face it, Google has the powerful arsenal to humble him. If past industry trends are anything to go by, the biggies will gobble up Facebook.

Turning its sights on the future, Cashable suggested that it would be better for Facebook, when it’s still the market leader, to get a ‘very good valuation’ and sell itself out to Google. ‘There is no shame in that. Why wait for the competition to eat you out and for Microsoft to buy you out, albeit still at an inflated price?’ Cashable noted. ‘In the industry there is nothing more embarrassing than Microsoft buying you out. It means only one thing: You’re a loss-making loser’.

Apart from social media experts, sundry professionals who specialize in ferreting out videos featuring cats, dogs and drunkards see a big and promising future with the arrival of Google+. ‘Forget about humans, dogs and cats will not have any more privacy that is un-breached,’ said a digital media pundit.

Meanwhile, in a related development, the Winklevoss Twins, Cameron and Tyler, have filed a suit in the US Supreme Court, claiming that Google Inc had stolen the idea for Google+ from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who had stolen the ‘original idea’ from them in 2003.

Seeking damages to the tune of ‘undisclosed millions’, the Winklevoss twins said Zuckerberg not only stole their idea but also allowed Google to further steal it from him. It’s a dangerous double whammy. ‘Either Zuckerberg or Google has to compensate us. But ideally we would want both of them to pay up. Remember we are twins.’

Zuckerberg, for his part, said, the original idea to steal was his. Google has merely stolen that idea from me. ‘I want Google to pay me for that. Also, they must compensate me for the money I paid to the Winklevoss brothers. I also want Tyler and Cameron to return the compensation I paid to them, because their idea is no longer with me as it has been stolen from me by Google’.

But last heard, and considering how the US judicial system works, Winklevoss duo may end up paying the Facebook founder and also Google, ‘for coming up with an idea that lead both Google and Zuckerberg to commit the serious crime of stealing’.

(Disclaimer: It’s still not clear whether Google+ pages will have ‘I like’ FB buttons on them)